Oct 31, 2012

Sleek To Perfection

I've accidentally (maybe on purpose) been on a black clothing kick lately. I'm a color girl 100% but there is just something mysterious and gravitating in a look that is sleek in black to perfection. Nowadays when I feel for a fashion style I head straight to Pinterest to collect my inspirations. As such I created a pin board for it. :-) I'm excited for it! For black??? Yes I can't believe it myself. How do you feel about black? Are you a head to toe person? I've yet to try it but with all the inspiration I've collected, I want to bring a ping!!! feel to it. Stay tuned. Let's see how I make out!

Tunic: Thrifted Nicole by Nicole Miller  Leggings: Asos  Pumps: Calvin Klein (leather version)
 If you are taking baby steps like me, try out the black white combinations below. If you are not there yet, the staple boyfriend shirts as well as the classic denim always make a good play. 


Emijaa Jaaemil said...

Super cute!! Love it!!

xx, EJ

My said...

Love the top!


ari said...

Love it! You look great

grownandcurvywoman said...

Black & white is a classic combo and looks sleek however you wear it. When I wear black & white I instantly feel sophisticated!

NikkiNicole said...

I've been lusting after those leggings for a moment now. You just solidified my decision to purchase them. You look great!

Candace Belle said...

Ladies Thank you!
@NikkiNicole these leggings are "IT"