Nov 1, 2012

Tears To The Eyes FAB!!! Thursday - Sweater Dress

Hook line and sinker! That's how I was caught with this stunner sweater dress. I mesmerized over this look for weeks and wanted to replicate it some how some way. Just look at it. It screams fashion!!

Such a playful style that gives versatility. I can belt it, throw on leggings, add a skinny jeans, a fitted skirt, or accessorize it with big outlandish broaches, pins and necklaces, even add on embroidery to make it a killer look. Grab that oversize sweater from your boyfriend/husband's closet and make it your own style. He wont miss it!




After calming down from excitement I surfed the web for looks to get. I'm jumping for joy but can't decide whether to get THIS (!!!) for the print or THIS for it's elegance. Decisions decisions...


Maya M said...

Lovin it! have some in my wardrobe!

grownandcurvywoman said...

Im currently looking for a good sweater dress so this post was very timely for me! Cant wait to see you rock one!

Shantile said...

I like the fact that it has color, but also that it is on trend with the animal print in it. So "too die for".

Candace Belle said...

You know I still haven't made up my mind on which one I want to get! Such an easy stated wear.

Thanks Ladies for your great comments!