Oct 19, 2012

The Signature Brocade Pants

It's true that I love my brocade pant. It has been a staple for me in the spring, summer, and now fall. I love it so so so much that I feel like I will have it forever! I received such a great response about the pant in the last post that I said I must search for some jaw dropping stunners and share them with you. @Eatstyleplay this post is dedicated to you! I hope you find something to your liking below and finally get your own staple brocade pant.

Look 1 is my absolute favorite for it's touch of bronzy golden flavor.
Look 2 gives a classic look that gives style that's not over the top but still makes a statement.
Look 3 is so playful with it's colors. I love that!

Look 4 is an absolute stunner with this gorgeous lace overlay! Can we say fabulous??
Look 5 gives such great texture and sophisticated style
Look 6 is a keeper for seasons to come! 

As an added touch, I included some great printed pants that's just amazing in design and style!

Look 7 gives pizazz and shimmer! 
Look 8 gives loads of flavor with touches of cobalt blue and the intricacy of the design is perfection!
Look 9 Stunner Stunner Stunner. Really love this look!

Did you find your perfect pair? Let me know!

UPDATE: Found other great pairs (!!!) by Forever21 and this stunner by Asos!


Lauren Kent said...

I LOVE the way you styled these pants!! Now I must run out and grab a pair!

Helene said...

I love those pants! so fab... you could probably make them look red carpet appropriate too...

I'm wondering how you would style these pants when it is really cold- would you wear stockings underneath?

Bon Vivant + a Budget

Vivi N. said...

Thank you for this post! I'm loving the brocade phase. I have a skirt that I thrifted but I've been looking for pants.

And, of course, I love your brocade pants, too.

Res said...

Yes, Honey! I just ordered mine!

Elle @ (Eat.Style.Play) said...

Thanks so much for this post WOMAN! lolol! I'm def going to venture out and try some of these, my favorite by far are the red ones on Asos!

Candace Belle said...

Thanks Ladies! Aren't they just fab?? I love them all!

@Lo good to see you! :-) Let me know what you find

@Helene stockings are a no no for me! I'd have to tuck them away until spring and get re-excited at that time

@Vivi You wont have regrets buying them! Its a guaranteed staple

pntszdinFluence said...

I love the pants in look 3! Super cute.

My said...

So glad I found your blog, love your style!!! all of the 3 looks are great:)
Following now, would love if you'll follow back:)


grownandcurvywoman said...

Those brocade pants look wonderful on you. I love how you styled them & cant wait to see what you wear next with them.

I hope to get me a pair soon!

Val @ Overdressed is Underrated said...

Those pants are great! I've picked up a couple of brocade pants lately and can't wait to style them. Thanks for the inspiration!