Nov 5, 2012

Color Block? Check!

While perusing Pinterest (my normalcy these days) I stumbled upon a woman wearing a similar top to mine. She looked magnificent! A light bulb went off in my head and I said wait a minute here I have a top just like that! It took me a good week to find it realizing I packed it away in my winter stash. It's one of those tops I  will always love, the material is a soft suede and feels so good against the skin. The fit is always loose and it's so unusual I consider it a stand alone piece, much like the woman wearing hers. Want to see hers? Click here.

Blouse: Thrift Find  Pant: Lane Bryant  Pumps: Nine West  Tote: Zara (similar)  Fur Stole: Vintage (similar)

Hope you are enjoying your Monday. Tomorrow I will be up bright and early to go cast my vote! Small sacrifice of sleep for a very huge cause. Such an exciting time. I will look out for you in the line! ;-)


Unknown said...

Cute!!! I love the attachment piece on your handbag too!!!

Vivi N. said...

That is a very cute blouse. And you said it's from suede fabric, too? Wow. Thrifting is the best.

Sia said...

I love the pattern on the top and how you styled the outfit with those shoes. I die for those shoes

grownandcurvywoman said...

Love, love, love this! I need your necklace! If I may ask, where did you get it from?

Sleek and chic as always!

Melanie said...

Love the outfit!!! So fierce!


Candace Belle said...

Thank you Ladies! :-)
@grownandcurvy it's a vintage necklace. I hope to find a similar look to share with you.