Nov 3, 2012

For The Love Of A Alexander Wang Bag

It's that time of year again when I start considering investment pieces for myself. Sure enough Alexander Wang bags always come to mind. I lusted and bought this Rocco bag about 2 years ago and want to add to the collection. His bags are unbelievable! I am just in love. The quality??? The feel??? The comfort??? I can't even describe! So with that, I need help in deciding which bag I should get. Any suggestions?


MJ said...

I've been lusting for YEARS over the Alexander Wang Diego bucket bag. I've never come close to being able to afford it - only merely held a friend's one and oh my.. YES the quality, YES the feel, OMG YES the comfort! Those Prisma totes are stunning, especially the black croc.

Candace Belle said...

That Diego bag in leopard??? INSANE. It's really hard to choose since all his bags are amazing. If you get that bag you are sure to not have regrets. I hope you get it soon!