Nov 29, 2012

Tears To The Eyes FAB!!! - Burgundy Passion

Burgundy. The subdued red. The upbeat brown. Luscious in its color yet cool in demeanor giving a smooth silent killing in fashion. Gosh!!! The richness of the color sucked me in. Take a look at this gorgeous hue in different varieties of style and ask yourself are you hypnotized.


Found some gorgeous shoes!! ugh its taking my breath away Look 1, Look 2, and Look 3
Also some gorgeous bags (Look 1 and Look 2) and stop you in your tracks brocade pant and cozy sweater cardigan. LIFE!!

Photos via Pinterest


Diana Teodoro said...

Love this color, specially in leather. It's just so rich.Ahh! :)
Diana from

Ms K said...

I love this color and the combi with grey is just fab!

grownandcurvywoman said...

I recently bought a pair of burgundy pants & Ive been wearing them all the time! I never knew how rich and versatile they would be!

Candace Belle said...

@Diana girl I know that scream!!! lol
It just sucks you right in!

@Ms. K I too love the gray and burgundy combo. It is genius without being too much in your face.

@grownandcurvywoman I'm sure you have several ways of playing with this gorgeous color!