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Dec 1, 2012

Shoe Me In: Emboss Croc Lace Ups

I found my lace up booties for the season. These gorgeous embross croc with an insane white line detail are cousins ( my opinion) to the Stella McCartney Pump and Boot. A couple weeks back I was roaming the city streets and stumbled upon the Topshop store. Perusing the awesomeness of the store I saw these stunners. Attempted to try them on but got a big "Sorry we don't have your size :-/". I think they enjoy telling you that. ANYWAY the next best thing was to order them online. Received them Wednesday night, wore them Thursday morning. HOT!


Diana Teodoro said...
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Diana Teodoro said...

Oh, I've been obsessing over the Stella McCartney booties for a long time. It's good to know there's a less expensive option.:)
Diana from

Ms K said...

wow, they look awesome and are very similar to the Stella McCartney once!

pntszdinFluence said...

Cuteness! Great find!

Candace Belle said...

Aren't they just fab??? :-)