Jan 1, 2013

Introducing Thrifty Tuesday!

Happy 2013!!! I hope you enjoyed your festives and celebrations last night (...and well into this morning if you are a true party lover!). I had such a wonderful time ringing in the new year with my family and enjoying delicious treats and talking about our plans for the new year! It's always such an exciting time. New beginnings, new dreams, new possibilities, and new goals!! With that I am introducing a new post! 

I love thrifting and it truly is one of my favorite pass times. I always find gems and I think that is one of the main reasons I love doing it. Too often I find gorgeous pieces that never make it to the blog so I am introducing a new series of posts dedicated to just that. I will share my finds from thrift stores, vintage stores, tag sales, and estate sales. I hope to bring this series to you on a weekly basis but if you miss it on a Tuesday then that would mean no gems were found on my thrifting excursion.  Without further ado welcome to Thrifty Tuesday!

The first gem I am sharing is this gorgeous beaded sequins jacket (just right for the occasion of ringing in the new year huh?). While looking for holiday outfits and sparkles to catch the eye I found this gem  at the salvation army shining in all its glory. The details of the jacket is blessed with such intrigacy that it is truly amazing to the eye. The fit is long and loose enough to wear a great tee underneath or even wear it backwards (omg what do you think!!!). I haven't worn it yet but I hope to soon!

Thrifting has really taught me to appreciate the value of a clothing for its era. You can always see the workmanship in clothing when you shop thrift. Unlike no other. 

Looking forward to next week's find so stay tuned!!!!


Shantile said...

I too am a thrifter. It is to to point that I can count on one hand how many times I visit a department store or mall in a year. I do like to view what the last trend is, however after that I journey to the thrift store to find something along those lines. And it is like God really favors me in that area because something always shows up as a great find. So, I look forward to your hauls and hope you find a plenty during the search. Happy Shopping!


Candace Belle said...

You hit it right on the nail Shantile! There was a time all I did was thrift for every single thing and had to walk away a little bit because it was just too much lol.