Feb 25, 2013

NYFW - The Style of Fashion

nyfw vintage cardigan, thrift purple pant, leopard pumps, lv bag

After the wonderful experience at IFBcon I was additionally thrilled to attend a few fashion shows at Lincoln Center this season including Czar, Carmen Marc Volvo, and Nautica. In between these shows I was able to snap some great personal style from the fashion goers under the tents. These photos reminded me of how fashion really is a personal work of art, the body is indeed the blank canvas, and beauty is only in the eye of the beholder. 

nyfw oxblood sweater, leopard jean, chanel pin, fur stole

Camilla made me stop in my tracks for her glamorous outfit. She wore all the pieces of items I adore this season; leopard, fur stole and oxblood sweater. I also loved her placement of her Chanel pin. It definitely gave me ideas on how to wear my pins.

nyfw, tweed sweater, stripe scarf, stripped shirt, men tie details

Christian's confidence instantly drew me to his style. I loved every bit of detail in his look, especially how the tweed sweater complimented the plaid shirt which then complimented the red tie which then complimented the stripe scarf. Need I say more? He embodied the essence of a prep look with swag.

nyfw, need a friend get a dog vintage jacket

This young lady caught the attention of many with her vintage sequins jacket! As the meow of cats are well into their play this season, her jacket stood out among the crowd for its catty remark of "Need a Friend, Get a Dog!" lol I loved it instantly.

nyfw, pink pant suit, metallic tie

Ms Hot Pink! The Fluorescent Wonder! This suit just screamed at me with its color. For close to a minute I gazed at its beauty before requesting a picture. Let's also concentrate on the metallic collar of the shirt! GENIUS. It's safe to say I will be lusting for these colors on my next shopping excursion.

nyfw, metallic blue coat, crystal necklace

Alaa also played with pieces of strategically placed metallics in her coat. It was an absolute stunner in person. She even elevated the look by adding a gorgeous crystal necklace. Just take a look at how gorgeous it is!

nyfw, neon green trench coat

I'm quite sure Millen caught the attention of many when she wore this succulent green trench coat. When I asked her where she got it, she giggled a little and said the talbots coat  was in her closet for many years and she decided to pull it out to give it go again. That was one great choice she made! It's so blinding its breathtaking. 

nyfw, tie dye denim shirt, crystal necklace, beaded bracelet

This young lady caught my attention right away with her gorgeous tie dye shirt. It was so beautiful in person! She then layered it with a clear crystal pieced necklace which I thought was genius since it added a mirror affect to her shirt. She finished her look with a gold wiring and beaded bracelet she made herself.

Winnie in the picture below caught my eye as I was leaving a show. I fell in love with the way she placed her prints together and topping off with a mustard coat??? LOVE. She works for Style For Hire as a stylist. I'm glad to see her talent is working well for her!! :-) It was a delight to speak with her even though it was for a short moment in time.

nyfw, red plaid dress, mustard coat, style for hire

nyfw, the guy from shit fashion people say from youtube
Fashion week wouldn't be a hit without an appearance from P'trique! He starred in the hilarious youtube video "Sh*t Fashion Girls Say"! Just too funny and he was such a delight to speak to. PS I need those tights P'trique!! #amaze!

Stay tuned for more great styles from fashion week! I have more to share! :-)

**My outfit includes a vintage cardigan (similar) and belt, thrift pant, and nine west pump.

Happy Monday!


Black Butterfly said...

Loved every single outfit and especially yours! Wish I could have gone!

grownandcurvywoman said...

You have such a great eye for fashion! I love the hot pink suit!
You looked wonderful and sleek! Love the color of your pants!

Shantile' said...

You look so cute in your outfit. Thanks for keeping those of us who weren't able to attend fashion week up on the street style.

Unknown said...

your outfit is awesome,love it!!

Candace Belle said...

Thanks ladies! I had a blast and was so excited to share my experience with you!!