Mar 20, 2013

Spring Step Forward, Winter Fall Back!


 Its count down! First day of spring!!! It's finally here yippy!!!! Time to start packing away the coats (I hope!). I'm truly tired of wearing mine to be honest. So even though the morning will be brisk I will do my best to pack on the layers all to NOT wear a coat and I'm starting with this bubble vest. With enough thick attire I will be sure to give lots of style to the diminishing coat effects. Are you with me??? Oh and the peep toes will come out to play as well. Peace to winter...bye!

For the love of stripes I paired this Old Navy top with a vintage pleated skirt, Old Navy bubble vest (try leopard), my insane comfortable nine west leopard heel (don't you just love this brand) and my newly appointed gift card purchase of a Zara necklace. I'm in love so much that I want to wear it everyday. Typical stage 5 syndrome for new fashion pieces. 




Unknown said...

LOL I loved the title of this post!

grownandcurvywoman said...

I wish Winter would fall WAAAAY back! Your colors are perfect to usher in the new season!

Candace Belle said...

We got too much teasing this season I was ready to fight! lol