May 21, 2013

Chef's Delight

It's been a long time since I indulged in a good dose of thrifting and when I say a long time that means a month in actual time. Which is still a long time, especially for someone who usually thrifts weekly. I'm even disappointed with myself for staying away so long! Its truly a shame as I know I'm missing out on lots of fashion!! Luckily the last time I thrifted I came away with a great find. These pants!!! Listen they caught my eye and I was a very happy girl that day! I loved the print and it hit the mark being that 1)prints are the thing for me and 2) black and white is on trend in every aspect. Investigating closely when I came home I read the label and it said it was a chef's pant. Ha!! Well obviously he was a good cook because look how great they look as a fashion statement! :-)

Outfit: Shirt, pant, and sling backs are all great thrift finds.




Res said...

Very nice!

Unknown said...

Just discovered you on Gabbi Fresh. You are rocking those pants. Reading about the challenges of finding trendy great clothes for the fabulously fat reminds me of the difficulties the terrifically talls have now. Plus sizes are no substitues for the tall ones.

Candace Belle said...

thank you @res! :-)

@DM Cheek you are so right about the height in the clothing factor. I knew about these difficulties since I was a little girl being 5'7 at the age of 10! You do your best to work with what you have :-)