May 22, 2013

The Style Climber Instagram

candace-belle-instagram style-climber-instagram

I've been active on my Instagram for a few months now but never really publicized it on the blog. So to keep you abreast and in the spirit of what Instagram is truly about I share with you some of my favorite insta shots! Tell me what you think!

1. For the love of a good french braid (and color).
2. A beautiful dancer swinging in LV glory.
3. Call of duty on leopard spots.
4. Color-block casual flair.
5. Taking Rocco for a spin.
6. Camera ready in four shots.
7. Feeling royal in purple during fashion week.
8. Prints on Prints for a fun night out.
9. On cloud nine with my vintage bead necklace.
10. Calling all stripes and leopard (2x) on deck.
11. A gorgeous bib necklace my sister bought me.
12. Plaid on plaid. Let's all embrace it!

PS. I've also included a instagram widget on the blog to give you instant updates in case you are not part of the insta-world.


grownandcurvywoman said...

Instagram is so much fun! You look wonderful in these pics!

Carla said...

Loved this!

Your hair is so pretty. Loving the swoop. LOL!

Candace Belle said...

Thank you ladies!
@carla the swoop is my easiest and favorite go to hair style :-)