Jul 29, 2013

Monochromatic In Green

green trousers

I love bright colors and am quite drawn to them so pairing these two pop pieces together was not a far stretch. Making it a monochromatic look happened accidently. Off the bat either of these items paired with another color would be the focal point but together it is a streamline of a great easy color pairing. I love this top so much I bought it in another color. It's one of those tops I can throw own and a statement is made. Especially on a monday morning :-)

monochromatic colors

beaded necklace


lime colors

Top: Zara (try this or this)
Pant: Thrift Find (try this or this)
Sandal: TopShop
Necklace: Flea market Find
Earrings: Vintage


Unknown said...

Love how you have paired those two colours - those pants are perfectly fitting you (great thrift find) - love your neckpiece too


Candace Belle said...

Thank you missy! :-) Love color!