Jul 10, 2013

My (Replica) Valentino Rock Studded Heels Have Arrived

Valentino Rock Stud heel

UPDATE (February 2018):  Located more gorgeous replicas HEREHERE, HERE,  HERE, and HERE as the pair below is currently sold out.

Last week I gushed about these shoes and well...life is really good right now with my arrival of these gorgeous Valentino rock stud replicas from Torrid. OMG!!! She arrived yesterday and I tested her out in the house; walking here, walking there, sitting, standing. I'm so excited for them I can hardly contain myself. This is the most excited I've been for a pair of shoes in a long long long time. I'm ready to rock them!!! Stay tuned. "...Isn't she lovely? Isn't she wonderful? yeah yeah yeah..."

Pssst...if you're planning on getting a pair for yourself note that the shoe fits true to size and most of the support when walking will come from the front of the shoe (no ankle strap support, so it's kind of like walking in these).

Valentino studded heel


Anonymous said...

I love these shoes! Where did you get them at?

Candace Belle said...

I got these shoes at a great website called torrid. Hopefully they still have them!