Sep 25, 2013

Denim and Pleats

Quite an easy pairing with denim and pleats. Both extremely comfortable pieces from my closet finally made it together to create an easy flowing outfit. I crave comfort in my clothes and these two items can be praised for years to come ( I slowly get rid of everything that causes discomfort. well maybe not everything as some heels are too gorgeous to let go of).

Boyfriend Shirt: Vintage (similar 1 & 2)  Pleat Skirt: Vintage (similar 1 & 2) Belt: Vintage  Pumps: JCrew (similar)




_MG_0100    _MG_0090


My said...

Wow you look awesome! love everything about that outfit!

T. Nicole said...

Great skirt! And how cute is your side bun?

Anonymous said...

This is a great look, it's simple yet very stylish the whole thing works....greetings from London UK.

Ms K said...

Love the style wouldn't have thought about that combination.

Candace Belle said...

thank you ladies!

Cheers to London. Thanks for the love!