Jan 16, 2014

My Lap of Luxury: A Vintage Fur Coat


Watch me as I step in my vintage fur coat. Quite conceited I feel as I wrap this beauty around me. When you gain luxury like this, it changes your mindset...even for a stroll down the wintery street.

I feel like I can carry her anywhere and she will know how to behave and present herself at all times, just like a lady should. :-) Crazy how I get attached to a piece of clothing. Luck found me that day when I was vintage shopping with my sister and both of us walked away with black furs. Even my sister who isn't much of a fur wearer was hypnotized by the luxury of the garment.

I accessorized the coat with my (favorite) camel tone hat and double stacked necklaces (which are another favorite of mine this season). By now I hope that you have gotten your hand on a piece of fur. Tell how yours makes you feel.

Fur Coat: Vintage (this and this is fabulous!)
Hat: Zara (similar)
Top: Gap
Pant: Vintage (similar)
Pump: Jcrew
Necklaces: Dorothy Perkins & Amrita Singh


Unknown said...

LOVE! The fur jacket is everything! And i love the gold detailing on the shoes!


Candace Belle said...

Cherrie my heart gets so weak for a fur its almost in embarrassing :-)