Feb 8, 2012

The OMG Affect

Seriously fell to the floor after seeing this FAB COAT!!!! Its definitely on the radar of my "SMACK YOU IN THE FACE I CANT STAND IT ANYMORE NEED YOU IN MY LIFE!!!" feeling.

Sunglasses (worn here): Tory Burch, Booties (worn here, try these):Loeffler Randall, Belt: Talbots Pant: Thrift Find, Coat: Vintage Find 
Assorted jewels(some worn here and here) and sweater: F21 and Indian Jewelry,  Earrings: Vintage Find

My heart melted from satisfaction in finding this beauty.  (-: I hand picked this baby at my good ole salvation army. Its double or triple my size but I think it can work, what do you think? Did I pull it off?

On a side note, I attended the IFB conference today and it was amazing(to say the least)!! There were so many innovative bloggers both on panel and off. I got the chance to meet some lovely ladies who each had their own fabulous sense of style. If you've never been I strongly encourage you to go. Its a life changer.


Candace Belle said...

lol! Gotta perfect my pimp strut! =)

KurvayshusB said...

Can we talk about how your style is officially my new obsession???!!!!

I LOVE THIS OUTFIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pimp on mama Candace...pimp ON!

Candace Belle said...

=) LOL thank you!! This was a nice surprise to wake up to seeing your comment. you've made my day!