Jun 19, 2012

FFF Week

FFF Week aka Full Figured Fashion Week!!! What a fantastic experience! Not including the fashion, but the positivity, the force right attitude, the "I am here! Deal with it!" I had such a great time meeting such inspirational women that showed dreams can come through and damned be to anyone else who thinks not. These women showed that our voice is important and to never ever let it down or let someone take it away.

Now...please enjoy these wonderful photos I took of great fashion with great style from designers  Jones New York, Tahari, Eileen Fisher, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, and Ralph Lauren at the FFF  fashion show at Bloomingdales. Know that as you see these gorgeous ladies walk the runway, they worked their mind, body, and spirit to get there. And you can too! With anything you want in life!!

Ms.Tiphanie and some stylish ladies in attendance for the show
A no nonsense attitude roamed the atmosphere at the 3 events I attended; "Your Style Your Curves", "Build Your Brand Through Social Media", and "Full Figured Fashion Week at Bloomingdales". I am truly appreciative of all the women that spoke up and spoke proud of who they are what they have become and where they are going. God bless them all and may that light keep shining on their effervescent souls. A special thank you to Kendra Porter, Sheri CollinsAlissa Wilson, Marie Denee, Marina Zelner, and Madeline Figueroa-Jones for all the words you shared. If you follow these ladies, I'm sure you will be inspired. 
Steffany Allen (middle) and Kendra Porter
Myself with Kendra Porter
Outfit: Dress (worn as a top)-Old Navy, Pant-The Avenue, Sandals-Nordstrom Rack, Satchel-LV, Broaches-Gifted
Marie Denee and Cult of California


grownandcurvywoman said...

Great pictures! I love your outfit! I too was at the workshop & fashion show @ Bloomingdales. I learned so much from those ladies & the models were beautiful and confident.

FabEllis said...

Fabulous pictures! You have the absolute best photos I have seen from the event and it truly makes me wish I was there. Everyone looks fabulous and fierce!

Louise said...

It looks like such an amazing event! Everybody looks fabulous :)

La Filandera said...


Me encantan!!!!

Aquí no podemos encontrar ropa tan increible en tallas grandes.

Quiero el plateado!! ¿de qué marca es???



Candace Belle said...
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Candace Belle said...

Ladies it was a fantastic event! and @grownandcurywoman can attest to that too! Wasnt it spectacular?? I love going to events like this where you can learn and take inspiration but also enjoy yourself and take in all the excitement of the event.

@La Filandera ¿No es magnífico? Es incluso mejor en persona! trata de un magnífico vestido de Ralph Lauren, Bloomingdales. Se puede ver aqui

DezzyBoo said...

WOW!!! loving all these looks! beautiful.

Jonell said...

Awesome event! I love with the orange on you! All the models and looks are simply amazing! This gets my seal of approval- two polished thumbs up!

E said...

I missed out on an awesome event, Kendra is amazing and you both look so great <3 Candace, you did an awesome job capturing both the style and the attitude of the event, great post, girl!

Miss Porter said...

I'm all types of late. LOL.

@Miss ED - Thank you maam. We had a good time on the panel. Sorry you missed it.