Jun 25, 2012

Pin Interest The 2nd

I stepped the game up a bit from the recent Pin Interest  post by adding pins to the sleeves of my comfy tee giving it a bit more of chic style with loads of flavor...aka shoulder candyI love summer but get hot and perspire easier than the average person so this is a great way for me stay cool and still give style. 

Mixing the shape and style of the pins is a great way to showcase them as well as give versatility to the eye of the viewer. To be honest I still can't decide which side I like more! But together it makes a great impact.

Pins: Vintage & Gifted   Tee: Old Navy  Pant: Thrift Find   Pumps: Bandolino

By the way I LOVE these capris. LOVE!! They are like butter against the skin and shows the richness of the color whenever I wear them.

Hope you are enjoying your Monday!! Make a bang out of the rest of the week! (-:

PS! Check out this fun 20 questions I did with Jonell Melville of FiveFoot9 whom I met at this year's IFBcon. Loved her questions and truly had to give good thought to some of them. A bit out of the box for me, but I loved it for that reason alone.


Diana Teodoro said...

The pin idea is just genius! Need to try it myself. And love the pink and red together. You really look great!;)
Diana from http://thegirlwhocouldntbeafashionista.blogspot.ie/

estroJen said...

Love the pins, they look great!! Creative and different way to display them!!




E said...

After seeing you yesterday, I'm starting to feel like I need some pins in my life! I really love this look, you should submit this entry to Links a la Mode, I feel like other bloggers could benefit from this creative tip :)

Ms K said...

super idea and just makes the whole outfit look so stylish! I wanted to mention that on Sunday already!!

grownandcurvywoman said...

Love this!!! You completely elevated your tee shirt. LOVE the pins, so beautiful!

Diana - City and Burbs said...

"Shoulder Candy", I love it! You're so creative, I already told you that I LOVE your pins, but I'll tell you again..I love your pins :-)


Lizzy said...

Wow great look! like your blog ;)

i'll follow you


Candace Belle said...

Thank you so much ladies!!! I just needed an easy way to spoof up an outfit and this came to mind.

@Diana let me know how it turns out!! (-:
@ Miss ED that is a great suggestion! Thanks for the idea
@Lizzy thank you for the follow! I appreciate that so much

Pich and Roor said...

What a great idea, you look fantastic!!