Aug 20, 2012

7th Annual Jazz Age Lawn Party

Liz, myself, Kristen, and Ely
A moment back in time was shared among some bloggers friends this weekend. Ladies of Bloggers Who Brunch on Fashion attended The 7th Annual Jazz Age Lawn Party which brought fashion, style, music, love, laughter, and nostalgia. Music from Michael Arenella and the Dreamland Orchestra filled the air of Colonel's Row at Governor's Island. Everyone's spirit was high on the '20s era. The sheer joy of music playing with good times, good drinks and good food. A moment to experience for all where it was applauded for dawning fashion and style everyday. Bloggers Liz, Kristen, Ely and myself took part in the festives and enjoyed every minute of it. Quite an experience to have lived for a moment in an era that left us so long ago but still makes an impact in this age. 

Party goers played the part well and were happy to show their adornment of style

Liz of Liz Avenue attended with her fiance Rudy

Ely of Ripped Nylon attended with her boyfriend Chris

I wore a great Dorothy Perkins necklace as a head piece, an Old Navy dress, vintage bag, and Tory Burch flats
A bit of shopping was also at hand's reach for accessories of the age

Kristen of Pure Ferocity posed with her friend Laurel
It was great seeing the ladies and also being able to take part in this grand experience. Such a great time!

Thank you ladies! Also, thank you to Kristen for extending this great invitation!


Style4Curves said...

This event looks cool and love your look!

grownandcurvywoman said...

Everyone looked amazing! I love the color of your dress & the necklace as a headpiece was genius!

Ms K said...

You all look awesome. Next year I will attend, too!

Maya Resnikoff said...

Looks like a really fun event. I love your headpiece- I've done the necklace on the head thing often- but never with my hair, only over scarves... It's fun to see it independently. How did you keep it on- bobbypins (my tactic) or something else?

E said...

I loved this post so much that I just linked to it from mine so that my readers could find where the photos are *really* at! High quality, as usual my dear :)

Candace Belle said...

:-) Glad you like the photos ladies!!

@Maya you are quite right! Several bobby pins were used to hold it down. I will have to try this look again soon because I really like it!

Unknown said...
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