Sep 5, 2012

IFBcon Day 1

photo: source

As you read this I am in attendance at day 2 of the always informative Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference. I attended last February's conference and was astounded by the amount of great heights a blogger can achieve. Attending IFBCon gives a blogger a chance to gain the knowledge and all the aspects the blogging community has to offer. Lessons are taught by well established bloggers that were once there taking heed to advice from their mentors. Day 1 of the 2-day conference did not disappoint with the vital information disclosed to us. There was so much information and key notes I took! I will definitely share all I learned in an upcoming post.  Until then, please enjoy some wonderful photos of bloggers in attendance. :-)

Below is a snippet of attendees as far as your eyes can see
 Bloggers AliciaJenn, and Corrie
                                                                       Ely and Catalina   
To mix it up a bit I decided to wear an abstract type dress which was full of life when I tried it on!                
Dress: Vintage  Pumps: Bandolino  Satchel: LV
                                                           Ashley, Yvonne and Krystal 
                                                    Katie's hair made me gasp in fabulousness!
Neks2u,  Stella and Lola 
                                                                  Myself with Mikaela

There were some great sponsors in attendance and I graciously joined the line to my favorite counter for a quick makeup makeover. I use bare minerals make up and without a doubt LOVE it!  3 great things that I will say about this brand is 1) I never feel like I'm wearing makeup (no cake like feeling) 2) The makeup leaves my face feeling and looking flawless and 3) The price point is ridiculously affordable for a great brand like this. William Gestole assisted in my make over and I was in heaven! 

 It was great fun and so informative. I will post about day 2 (which I'm pretty excited for) in the next post!


grownandcurvywoman said...

I LOVE your outfit! Your outfit was on point and soooo chic! I'm glad you're having such a great experience at IBFCON! said...

Great to Meet you at IFB conference. Love you blog!

Vivi N. said...

I see a lot of DC CapFABBers in your post! First of all, I lovelovelove your dress. And Katie's outfit is amazing (along with her fiery hair color).

Candace Belle said...

thx ladies!! It was such a great time with great fashionistas!

@Madison Muse such a pleasure meeting you! Really loved our conversations. :-)