Sep 6, 2012

IFBcon Day 2

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Day 2 of IFBcon was self explanatory of the subject photo's statement. With the likes of riskier and more abrasive topics, I felt invigorated and ready to take own the world with an unbeatable armor. I was able to meet some great bloggers and wanted to share a bit about them. Another IFBcon post is in the works for all the information I learned so stay tuned. Also Tears to The Eyes!!! FAB Thursday will be back soon! So without further ado let me begin...

Tiffany glowed in this great structured blazer paired with a very sexy body conscious peplum dress. To kick it with a twist she added a great pair of high-tops to bring her own personal swing to it! She also looked amazing the day before in a stunner knock out red blazer but I missed out on that photo opp. I'm a sucker for a great pair of glasses and these fitted her to a T! Great style!!

Tiffany Nakamura from LipstickAndHighwaters

Jennifer's outfit stopped me in my tracks with her gorgeous necklace and neon dress! I literally mashed breaks on my heels and said to myself "Candace you MUST get a picture!". This gorgeous necklace gave a sensational pop to an already fabulous dress. Jennifer received this as a gift after a shoot (she is a hair stylist) from Catherine Malandrino. Just gorgeous!!

Jennifer Covington from WhatsWhatOnEverything

Stella aka J'adore Fashion killed the scene with her great pairing of prints. I posted one of her looks yesterday but had to show her great style again. This Stella here will never need to get her "groove" back! 

Stella from J'adoreFashion
I met Devyani at the one of the sessions held at the conference, Style for Hire, and in my opinion she did not need any assistance with learning how to shop her closet! Every thing popped on her look! The pairing of the turquoise necklace (jcrew) and pearl diamonesque necklace (gift) drove me insane! Her Bob haircut was ridiculously gorgeous and filled with bounce. Then Devyani finished her look with a great Chanel bag. I was sold right there!!

Devyani Gupta from TheColorfulCouturier
Monique shined not only in her african designer dress but also in spirit! In most ways her personality was reflective of the great dress she wore; bright, bold, playful, and girly. Coming from the island Jamaica for fashion week, Monique's eyes filled my eyes with the excitement and wonders of what more fashion week has offer!

Monique Kennedy from M*RKologie

Meeting Kathryn just reinforced how great individuality of style is. Her great look included awesome accessories such as this great 3 part necklace, a killer DIY tee that included only one sleeve made out of fringe and photos of herself and friends on the face of the tee! Kathryn's hair cut was everything!! Wish I had a picture of the back to show you, let's just say it was kind of clean shaven. 

Kathryn Hu from Khatalogue
These lovely young ladies' outfits just popped! In particular Aminta's (right). I fell in love with her jacket and she immediately told me that a designer friend deconstructed the sleeves of the fatigue and paired it with a great leopard silk material. BRILLIANT! It's definitely a step up from a leather sleeve.

Aminta (right) from ClothesandFashion

Mikaela's style is just completely awesome. The radiant sequin skirt casually pair with a white tee and denim shirt was so fly! (yes that's an old word). Although you can't see it in the picture, the elbows of her shirt are perfectly ripped to show great personal style (from the back). I'm a sucker for arm candy and she did not disappoint. Mikaela completed her look with an Alexander Wang Rocco bag which when I saw I melted and immediately hugged her for it because I get so weak for his bags! lol

Mikaela Joy from Simplyemjoy

I wore one of my absolute favorite finds from the thrift store. I live for these pants and seldom wear them to keep the authenticity of a like-new feeling (if that's possible with thrift). I paired the look with a shoe I refused to give away when pointed heels left the fashion season a few years back. But now that the look is back, guess who will be in heavy rotation?? Ping!!!

Cardigan: Gap  Pant: Thrift Find  Pumps: Nine West  Satchel: LV

The lovely Iman was present at the conference to give insight on how to become a great entrepreneur. I will post more on the great inspirational words she offered in a learning recap post of IFBcon.

Gabi Gregg was in attendance as well to give great content on how to put bravery back into blogging and she did not disappoint. Her fortitued her strength and her gutsy and ballsy spirit shined on the stage. It left me feeling that it was quite ok to exercise my freedom of speech!

Also in attendance was a great Londoner by the name of Jane Ighodaro who is here for 4 months interning at a fashion and design company. How bloody cool is that!! (if I may say so in my best brit accent). I wish you all the best Jane!

Jane Ighodaro from MyGoldmine and Gabi Gregg from GabiFresh

A few ladies from Bloggers Who Brunch On Fashion were in attendance for day 2 of the conference. Word around town is that some serious shopping may have transpired during the conference break. Ladies please do fill me in!

Btw, loved your blazer Ely!

Catalina and Diana from Cityandburbsblog and Ely from RippedNylon

 I hope you enjoyed the post and was able to feel the excitement I felt meeting these great bloggers!


Ms K said...

This looks like an awesome event Candace and it is great that you met so many bloggers! Sigh, I wish I would have been there, maybe next year ;-)

Jadore-Fashion said...

This is a lovely recap Candace! It was a pleasure meeting. Can I steal that picture of me?

Love your pants by the way! Thanks for the feature.


Vivi N. said...

I loved your recap. I like how you added a conference 'street' style to the mix. Also, loving the printed pants I'm seeing from you, Stella and Gabi.

grownandcurvywoman said...

All these women look AMAZING! Im inspired just by reading and looking at your post. Thank you for such a great recap! You are definitely one of my FAVORITE bloggers!

Unknown said...

Candace, darling! Great recap! Thanks so much for the love! Inspite of what we talked about I felt these ladies were all dressed to impress! I'm so glad I got to meet you. I just posted my own IFB post but I'm exhausted and won't have time to put links to other blogs until tomorrow! It's 2:30 a.m. and I'm blogging, my life is just so fabulous! LOL. Check out the post here!
Also, the event I told you about ;) My friend who made the jacket (Moda Eclectic) will be showcasing!

Mikaela Joy said...

Great coverage Candace!! And your vintage brocade pants? LOVE! I'm so mad that I never thought of wearing a cardigan backwards... you rocked it like no other ;-) xxEmJoy

Candace Belle said...

Thanks for all your great comments ladies! It was such a great event and to be a part of such a great community is really a wonderful feeling!

E said...

Candace, you seriously just take it up a few notches with every post you write! I love your coverage of the people you met (who I was definitely eyeing through the crowd) and am so excited to see the learning post! I will eventually get to posting my IFB lessons, but I'm perfectly content to just link back to here because you've got it top to bottom! :D I had a great time hanging as usual and can't wait until our next encounter!

p.s. Thanks! It's Lauren Conrad for Kohl's ♥

Anonymous said...

Hey it's Jane! I actually never saw this post until now! It was so nice meeting you back then! Hope Great things have been happening for you! September seems like many moons ago! Haha! Nice blog you got by the way!