Feb 13, 2013

IFBcon: The Fashion!

ifbcon outfits

One of the perks of attending IFBcon is not only being amongst bloggers but seeing all the great personal styles that they bring to the event! There's so much great fashion in the room that its hard to sink it all in. It is overwhelming in the best way possible!

Below you will see some fashion that grabbed my attention, but before we begin I will fill you in on my look on day 2 of IFBcon. I finally got the chance to wear this sequins vintage jacket that has been in my closet for months! I paired it with a thrifted cobalt blue blouse (similar) and Lane Bryant leather pants (similar). The comfy flats are Tory Burch and bag is LV. You can also see the vintage necklaces I wore.
vintage necklace

Now without further ado let's get started on IFBcon's Fashion!!

Tiffany Nakumara

Miss Tiffany! Never one to leave you unamazed, I met Tiffany at last season's ifbcon and followed her style since. Upon entering the IFBcon building for all of 5 minutes I spotted the back of her dress. It looked so amazing among the covered skin in the room. Immediately I tweeted her about the great back exposure!

vintage sweater

I just had to capture this one of a kind ridiculously amazing sweater! I asked this young lady if she made the sweater and in my utter surprise she said she got it from a thrift store. My mouth dropped in shock. This should not happen since I am a thrifter and know all too well of the great finds but this sweater threw me for a loop. Just gorgeous!


The star of the show Aminta was energized and full of bubbly excitement, which fit right in as it was her birthday week. I loved her spirit and "in your face" persona...hence her t-shirt! ;-)


I'm a sucker for an easy hair do and always run to braids so when I saw this young lady's hair style, I had to grab her for a quick picture. Talk about an easy do that makes statement. Btw I'm still loving the camo fatigue look which she pulled off effortlessly.


Loved Gloria's multicolored jumpsuit! The back (not pictured) was a great peek-a-boo opening and then she wowed me with her insane cat necklace. Isn't it just purrrty? A definite to have among an accessories collection.

fluorescent pink dress and crocodile clutch

Caitlin's dress blew me away! The fluorescent pink was a fashionista's sight for soar eyes. Just gorgeous! Then she showed me the crocodile clutch and I was sold. I loved it especially since I have a weakness for critter fashion.


Coming all the way from Canada, Ifeoma really showed how well she fit right in as a new yorker. Her casual glam look filled with effortless distressed ripped jeans with a touch of leopard drew me instantly to her. Not to mention her link chain necklace that I'm still hunting for!

Meaghan from little lime dress

Diva Meaghan killed her looks both days that I just had to post them side by side. I cant decide which one I love more. Stripes because I'm a sucker for it or those knee high stalkings that is giving the right amount of sexy and flirtation, its just too hard to decide. Work it Meaghan!!!

I had an amazing time at IFBcon and met some amazing people. Many thanks to the ladies for stopping to take the photos!!


Elle @ (Eat.Style.Play) said...

Wow that Gator bag is SICK! It's pretty damn cool!

Candace Belle said...

@eat.style.play isn't it just Devine?? winning!!

Vivi N. said...

So many great styles under one post! Caitlin's bag is just...everything. Unbelievable. The pretty lady in the cute thrifted white sweater is E of Distric of Chic (www.districofchic.com). Finally, I will now be following Meaghan's blog. You are right, she definitely killed it with both of her IFBCon looks.

grownandcurvywoman said...

The pink leather dress, silver heels and THAT BAG! Just.WOW!!!